CONGRATULATIONS if you already hold your keys to a Private Property(s) at median age 35-40 based on study…..What if, by age 65, you can have 2-3 houses fully paid ? Where you stay in 1 house, and the other house(s) can be rented out for a steady stream of passive income ? 😊

And... this is what we call Financial Freedom THROUGH Asset Progression ! Whereby your monthly rental income is more than enough to cover your monthly expenses…

Ask yourself this, will financial freedom be something you might be interested to explore more in?


DID YOU KNOW ? For most people in the above age range, typically they should not have any problems obtaining a loan. (Max 75% loan-to-value-MAS Ruling) But the biggest challenge for them will be to have enough cash savings in order to pay for the down payment for their next property !

Usually for the purchase of a first residential property, most Singaporeans won't have much of a problem after working for a number of years as they have accumulated enough CPF to help them with the down payment. However, this becomes a challenge when it comes to owning a second or third property.

With CPF locked up in their first property, down payment for the second or third property will likely have to be fully paid in cash. 


The BIG Question now is……Presumably one can qualify for 75% loan….BUT Where to get that Downpayment 25% cash ???? !!!


Here's the secret:

We are talking about Condo/Landed Asset Progression, so the assumption is One Gotta Own your first private property as early as possible. Thus Allowing time and inflation to be your best allies in increasing your property value.

For private property, with an increase in property value, you may remortgage your property to the bank to borrow extra money for personal use.

Assuming both you and your spouse own a private property that had appreciated considerably in value, you can remove one owner and use the property to borrow extra money to gift it to your spouse.

Your spouse can then use it to pay for the down payment of his/her next property purchase. With a 75% loan and a gift of 25% down payment from you, your spouse and you technically jointly took a 100% loan !!

Servicing the Loan ? No issue my friend. One can always lease out the 1st or 2nd Property and Stayed in the other & Wait for Capital Appreciation !!

LAR KEE (LUCKY) a senior industry veteran of 17 years, will give you the

Best Advice on What to BUY !



SIMON hereby wish to congrats you on a Great job on understanding the first part on the importance of asset progression.

Next up, ACTION PLAN !!!

We shall now move on to learn about some asset progression financing techniques.

These techniques are different methods to help different clients finance their house depending on their financial situation.

Here are 5 special financing techniques that Simon will like to share with you and there are separate notes and case studies on each of the 5 techniques below. Simply click on the technique that you wish to enquire and a link will be send to you within an hour. Enjoy and Cheers !!

1. Cash Out

2. Equity Term Loan

3. Improve Cash Flow and Maximizing Loan

4. Pledging & Unpledging

5. Decoupling


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